January, 2018

London, UK

Day One
Tuesday 24th January 2017

Day Two
Wednesday 25th January 2017

Data, Evidence & the New Paradigm in Pharma Business

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Keynote Panel: Establishing the Governance & Strategy Essential for the Data Driven Pharma Business


  • Defining an enterprise strategy for data governance
  • Identifying, understanding and integrating data assets from across the business
  • Debating centralised vs decentralised governance, ownership and management
  • Developing the infrastructure needed for advanced analytics – build, buy, outsource?

The Future of Data Science in Pharma


  • How Big Data and Data Science will Impact Pharma and Healthcare
  • Data Governance & Strategy – Eliminating Data and Communication Silos and Aligning Key Collaborators   
  • Leveraging Data Science For Advanced Algorithmic Applications
  • An Innovative Advanced Analytics Project Case Study

Speed Networking & Refreshments

Evidence in Practice – From Data to Insight to Action

Identifying, Integrating & Interpreting Real World Data

  • Andrew Bate Senior Director, Analytics Team Lead Pfizer, Pfizer


  • Navigating the complex and disparate landscape of real world data sources to identify the assets of most value to your business
  • Accessing European and global data sources
  • Tapping high value data sources such as health records, claims data and patient networks
  • Establishing an enterprise level framework for data procurement, management and governance
  • Collaborating and partnering effectively with data providers

Broadening Horizons for Real World Data


  • Utilising Real World Data to develop actionable insights from discovery to commercial
  • Optimising clinical development with RWE
  • Using evidence to enable better pharmacovigilance
  • Informing better commercial decision making
  • Engaging with regulators and reimbursement bodies

Agile visual analytics for translational medicine and screening


  • Spotfire visual analytics Apps
  • Cloud storage and processing
  • Translational medicine
  • High Content Screening

Lunch & Networking

Case Study: Developing RWE Capabilities: Beyond the slideware


  • Building the people capabilities, technology infrastructure, governance and data architecture required for effective RWE
  • Its about the collaboration: collaborating effectively across silos
  • Evaluating the impact of RWE to prove value and ROI


Positioning Data & Evidence in the Wider Business

The pharmaceutical industry is notoriously conservative in its attitude towards, and adoption of, new technologies, new ways of thinking and new ways of working. For the early adopters, trail  lazers and thought leaders, trying to drive innovation through an organisation can be a slow and frustrating process.

How can Data Leaders win the investment and buy in of senior management, functional silos and opinion leaders throughout their businesses to begin the shift toward data driven decision making at all levels?

This first strategy breakout for Data Leaders is an opportunity to discuss candidly with peers from across the industry your objectives, challenges, frustrations and victories in affecting change in your organisation. A unique benchmarking a strategy sharing session to arm you with the ammunition you need to win the battle in the boardroom.

Peter Tormay, Manager Business Development, Capish International


Addressing the Talent Shortage

One of the greatest challenges the pharma industry faces in shifting towards being truly data driven  is the lack of people with the right technical skills and sector knowledge. For a Data Leader,  building the right team is the first step in establishing correct strategy and governance.

-Where to find people with the right skills and attributes

-Inside the business – what jobs are these people doing now?

-Looking outside of industry

Aidan Walsh, Associate Director, Clinical Systems Management, Data Science department, Astellas Pharmaceuticas


Getting the Best from NoSQL Technologies: Hadoop, Hive, Spark

For the Data Scientist, many of the conversations taking place about the role and future of analytics  in Pharma take place at either a frustratingly basic or abstractly strategic level. The joy and the challenge of data science – developing tools that can unlock powerful insights from massive, complex and diversified datasets – is to often regarded as just the magic taking place within the black box.

This sessions aims to counter this by providing a collaborative atmosphere for you to network with peers from across industry to talk technical and tackle the challenges of getting the most from your data and analytics platforms.

Nataraj Dasgupta, Consultant, Data Science & Analytics Enterprise Strategy


Big, Bad Data? The Quality Issue

80% of efforts in data analytics is currently spent on quality issues – less then 20% actually performing the analysis. How do we fix this, as an industry? This session will debate some of the most important concerns such as:

-Integration and standardisation

-Quality control

-Program and platform fixes

-Industry initiatives and collaboration

-Investment in the problem

Simon Thornber, Managing Director of Analytics, Acting Head of Architecture for Discovery, Development & Lab Systems IT, GSK

Networking Break & Refreshments

Panel Discussion: Overviewing the Feedback from the Round Table Discussions

  • Aidan Walsh Associate Director, Clinical Systems Management, Data Science department, Astellas Pharmaceuticals
  • Nataraj Dasgupta Consultant, Data Science & Analytics Enterprise Strategy
  • Simon Thornber Managing Director of Analytics, Acting Head of Architecture for Discovery, Development & Lab Systems IT, GSK

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

  • James Weatherall Executive Director & Head, Advanced Analytics Centre, AstraZeneca

End of Day One