January, 2018

London, UK


Pharmaceutical companies have access to greater volumes and varieties of data than almost any other sector (with the possible exception of financial markets). Buried in that data could be everything from new drug targets to commercial insights about salesforce effectiveness, but despite years of work and millions of dollars invested in development, the promise of advanced analytics is a long way from realizing its potential.

Advanced analytics tools such as machine learning and AI algorithms promise to be able to unlock fantastic insights that could revolutionise both the science and the business of pharmaceuticals.

But some companies are still spending up to 80% of the time cleaning the data, and just 20% on analytics.

The 4th annual Advanced Pharma Analytics 2017 is a unique conference for data scientists and data leaders in pharma companies – dedicated to helping you overcome key challenges including data strategy and governance, architecture and infrastructure, and quality and QC issues to enable data-driven decision making at every level of the business.

Through this case study led meeting, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover how to get real commercial impact from Real World Evidence
  • Develop your data governance strategy
  • Debate the future of machine learning and AI in tackling scientific and commercial data analytics

Join the conversation with fellow peers and uncover how to unlock real commercial and scientific value from analytics.

For more information, download the full event guide or email info@hansonwade.com